DISA will provide our clients with a single source business process outsourcing solution, providing compliant, work-ready employees through secure employee data storage, processing, and retrieval.

In accomplishing our mission, DISA’s professional and dedicated team members will increase shareholder value through our commitment of loyalty and integrity to our internal and external customers and suppliers, while continually “Performing as Sold”, and actively supporting community and industrial organizations.


To strive for excellence in everything we do and to assure that our services will truly add value to our clients.

To be an employer of choice.

To be known for our integrity, human relationships, competitiveness, and fair compensation for our services.


DISA’s goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations with a quality deliverable that meets all industry, regulatory, and policy requirements. To accomplish this objective, we will do the following:

  • Application and continuous improvement of a Quality Management System (QMS) that satisfies the requirements of ISO9001.
  • Regular analysis of applicability of the QMS to the goals of this quality statement.
  • Define job functions and work tasks that will effectively implement the QMS.
  • Define personnel responsibilities as they relate to the effective implementation of the QMS.
  • Perform regular cross-functional audits to assure work practice conformance to the QMS.


Find Balance

Balance your work life and your home life. Balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the company. Balance quality and quantity of work.

Be A Team

Team members are transparent with their needs and forthcoming with ideas and information that can help the group. Strong teams have members who aren’t afraid to admit fault or weakness. Team players are aware of members in need and step up to support each other. Your team is not limited to the people in your group. You are a member of the DISA team and every DISA employee is part of it.

Raise the Bar

It isn’t just about doing what’s expected of you - it’s about challenging yourself and those around you to do better. Perform. Evaluate. Do better next time. Compete with yourself to set a higher standard; a higher standard for you, a higher standard for DISA.

Do the Right Thing

Ask yourself, “If this was my company, would I want my employee to do this?” If the answer is ‘no’, take a different direction. Integrity is not always going to make you popular, but it will make you respected. At DISA, we do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Work Smart

Think. Create ways to be more efficient. Focus on the end goal and discover how you can improve processes. Teach others your secrets to make DISA better.

Value Your Customer

Clients are external customers and our fellow DISA employees are internal customers. We need to treat each of them as equally important as the other. Customer service extends far beyond traditional definitions. We believe a healthy internal customer relationship throughout DISA creates a stronger more powerful external customer experience for our clients. We are ALL Customer Service.


Strive to be the absolute

best. Average is not an

option. Excellence in all you

do and say and believe.

DISA will only be as excellent

as its employees.