Effective November 1, 2016, all contractor employees who will be performing work at the following LYB plants (HASC member sites) will be required to conduct background screening through the DISA Contractors Consortium.

  • BLO – Bayport Choate, TX
  • BCO – Bayport Underwood, TX
  • BYO – Bayport Polymers, TX
  • CBO – Chocolate Bayou, TX
  • CCO – Corpus Christi, TX
  • CVO – Channelview, TX
  • HRO – Houston Refinery, TX
  • LPO – La Porte, TX
  • MBO – Mt. Belvieu, TX
  • MTO – Matagorda, TX
  • VTO – Victoria, TX

LyondellBasell Rollout

DISA Announces New President and CEO, John Peterson
Twenty-Five Year Veteran of the Substance Abuse Testing Industry

DISA Global Solutions, Inc. recently announced the appointment of John Peterson as the company's president and CEO. Mr. Peterson brings over 25 years of relevant industry experience to his new position having served in various leadership roles at Laboratory Specialists, Inc., Kroll Worldwide, and most recently, Alere Toxicology Services.

Mr. Peterson’s industry expertise includes a vast knowledge of certified forensic and clinical laboratory testing for all matrices such as urine, oral fluid, hair, and point of collection testing (POCT). He also has experience in various complimentary services including third-party administration (TPA), medical review (MRO), occupational health services, and background investigations.

“Bringing John on as our executive officer is an important step in DISA’s continuing evolution,” said Colin Woods, DISA’s V.P., Sales Operations. “Not only does he have strong industry experience, but he has a unique understanding of our business. We’ve worked with him over the years and have first-hand knowledge of his great leadership track record. He was the right choice and the exact fit we need to take our company to the next level. We couldn’t be more excited to have him aboard.”

Mr. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Louisiana State University. He is actively involved in industry-focused organizations, such as Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA); Substance Abuse Professional Administration Association (SAPAA); and, Coalition for Excellence in Medication Monitoring (CEMM).

As part of the Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration Final Rule, the FMCSA has mandated the use of new versions of the Medical Examination Report (MCSA-5875) and the Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MCSA-5876) for DOT physicals. Until April 20, 2016, both the older versions and the newer versions of the forms may be used. After that date, only the new versions will be accepted into the National Registry System by the FMCSA.

If you should have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 281-730-5509.

DISA 2015 Annual Report

We use the term "Rollout" quite frequently. What does it mean and why is it so important, to not only DISA, but to workplace safety and security everywhere? Read our article "What is a Rollout?" to find out how DISA is changing the face of contractor compliance across the nation.

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