Industry Insights

DISA’s Most Impactful Articles of 2019

DISA enters 2020 with a quick look back on some of our most impactful articles.

Industry Insights

How to Build an Effective Drug Testing Policy That Stays Up-To-Date and Compliant

Learn about the importance of building and implementing an effective drug and alcohol testing policy which is key to creating a safer and more productive workplace.


DOT Drug Testing Requirements for 2020

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated employers need to update and review their substance abuse testing policies according to the new changes for 2020.


FMCSA Random Rate Increase for 2020

FMCSA random drug testing rates will increase for 2020.


Illinois Governor Signs Amendments to Marijuana Law that Clarify Employers’ Right to Drug Test for Marijuana

Amendments to Illinois Marijuana Law include workplace provisions that help employers clarify their right to drug test for marijuana.


DISA Completes Five New Strategic Acquisitions

DISA Global Solutions continues to complement our strong organic growth with five new strategic acquisitions.