On-Site Mobile Services

Have DISA Come to You!

DISA mobile on-site services help employers create a safer, more productive workplace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your employees are in an office building, a manufacturing facility, a construction site, or oil rig/refinery, our mobile, on-site collection services are available to provide drug and alcohol testing and safety-related tests on demand. Our services span across the U.S. offering a wide array of mobile collection unit services across the Gulf Coast, Northeast, Midwest, and west coast. Wherever you are located, DISA can send mobile testing units to your facility.

On-Site Services DISA Provides 
DISA has 30 mobile testing units available to provide the following services: 

  • Urine, Oral Fluid, and Hair Drug Test Collections
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT’s)
  • Respirator Fit Tests
  • Audiometric Testing 

In addition to the above-mentioned services, DISA also offers customized services for employers. Our turnaround services provides convenient on-site drug and alcohol testing services for companies that have several contractors that need to be tested at once. This service is particularly popular for refineries since employees can be tested on-site and can immediately go to work without visiting an off-site collection site.

DISA also conducts testing at companies using the facility’s nurses station, firehouse, security offices, training rooms, or bathrooms. This service is useful for companies that do not have ample parking to accommodate our mobile units.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced Employee Downtime - Eliminates travel time and expenses while reducing employee wait times.
  • Cost Efficient - Our on-site drug testing allows for multiple employees to be tested in a single day, adding to cost-efficiencies.
  • Less Opportunity for Subversion - Reduces opportunities for the employee to try and dilute a sample by drinking excess amounts of water ahead of time. It also prevents employees from stopping on their way to a collection site to retrieve a clean urine sample or get adulterants.

DISA offers on-site testing services at all of our service centers

Our mobile units are available at select locations. For more information call DISA today at 281-478-5108 or contact us online