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Driver Qualification

DISA’s Driver Qualification services include expert regulatory guidance and complete driver file management. Our proprietary, online system, DISAWorks, provides a convenient platform to upload, store and retrieve mandatory qualified driver file information.

Records for other consolidated DISA services, such as drug and alcohol testing and background screening, are auto-populated to the file, making it easy to maintain records in complete FMCSA compliance. 

Comprehensive regulatory guidance and compliance management solutions:

  • Real-Time, Online Program Access
  • Automatic Tracking of Annual Reviews
  • Expert Compliance & Audit Assistance
  • Automatic Expiring Item Renewal Notices
  • Secured Confidential Information
  • In-Depth Driver File Auditing
  • Reduced Liability and Decreased Risk

Download a Driver Qualification Services data sheet

To learn more about DISA's driver qualification services call 1-800-752-6432 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Road Test Record & Certificate