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DISA's Owner Survey: Creating Industry Best Practices

After conducting a survey with more than 60 upstream and downstream owner/operators, DISA’s 2019 Owner Survey enabled us to create a report focusing on industry best practices. In this year’s survey, we discussed several owner trends including: Current fears and future plans, drug testing and background screenings, and the details on what, when, why, and how owners are keeping their facility safer.

DISA’s Owner Survey aims to impartially collect, organize, and report on important workplace safety topics, while adding new questions each year as the industry faces new challenges. Because this information is not publicly shared, there isn’t a mechanism for current owners to compare best practices. Our goal is to provide owners a confidential channel to share their best practices and receive a customized report back each year identifying how their facility compares. Owners that participate get a better understanding of how their facilities compare to others in the industry and they’re able to utilize this information to make more informed decisions for their business.

*Please note that Owner Survey results are confidential and are not shared, except when included in high level analysis like this report. 80+% of owners that participated are using DISA Global Solutions in some capacity for drug testing. As the survey audience continues to grow, we expect this percentage to decrease.

>>Click here to download DISA’s 2019 Owner Survey<<

Some key takeaways from the survey that can help you when forming your facilities’ safety and compliance policy:

  • Lack of quality labor pool, prescription abuse, and drug/alcohol abuse are the top increasing trends from the owner perspective.
  • 83% of owners integrate with portal companies and badging companies.
  • 82% of sites offer temporary passes in a pinch, but more than half are restricted.
  • More owners are implementing background screening. The majority of owners require background checks that are renewed every other year and require a cut score of 2.
  • 71% of owners mandate a single provider for drug testing. The leading reasons are standardized requirements, real-time tracking, ease of administration, and increased safety.
  • Communication to employees about medical/recreational marijuana needs improvement. 44% aren’t communicating marijuana-related information to their employees at all.
  • 71% of owners saw a reduction in safety-related incidents upon implementing a drug testing program. 52% of owners saw a further reduction in safety related incidents upon implementing a drug testing consortium.
  • There’s a noticeable shift towards multiple drug testing methodologies. 42% of owners are using multiple testing methodologies, and 16% of those surveyed want to ADD another methodology into their program.
  • 45% of owners use POCT tests, but most are sent to be lab certified regardless. 40% of owners that use POCT have seen false positives.

Would you like to participate in the Owner Survey?

We’re always looking to increase the number of participants in our annual Owner Survey. If you’re an owner or operator and would like to participate in the 2020 survey, please email Participants will receive a report highlighting how their answers compare to the 2019 Owner Survey participants along with custom analysis. They will also be included in the 2020 Owner Survey data set.

>>Click here to download DISA’s 2019 Owner Survey<<

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