Industry Insights

Establishing a Culture of Safety

Instilling the importance of workplace safety starts from the top down.

Industry Insights

DISA Helps Clients Transform Paper Chain of Custody Process into An Electronic Solution

The Electronic Custody and Control Form, or eCCF, will allow DISA clients to provide a more seamless and error-free process.

Industry Insights

​2017 Owners Report Analysis 2 of 4: Collection Process

These survey results help DISA stay on top of growing trends within the drug and alcohol testing industry, and provide clients with services that are customized to their needs.

Industry Insights

2017 Owners Report Analysis 1 of 4: Synthetics, Opioids, & Marijuana Testing

These results help us guide our clients to receiving better services that are more custom towards their preferences, and the growing trends and changes within the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Industry Insights

The Case for (and Against) Underride Safety Guards

A potential breakthrough in trucking safety—and its drawbacks.

Industry Insights

Industry Trends at the IFDAT 2017

Using survey data, DISA’s specialists are able to modify and suggest the right drug, background, and compliance screenings as well as procedures to address owner and operator concerns.