Industry Insights

Day with DISA Addresses Marijuana Laws and Strategies

Following the 2020 election, Day with DISA addresses marijuana laws that vary statewide and the strategies employers can take to ensure a drug-free workplace.


FMCSA Grants Petition To Prevent Washington State From Enforcing Meal and Rest Break Rules

The FMCSA determines that Washington state's Meal and Rest Break (MRB) rules are preempted.


FAA Issues Notice of Enforcement Discretion for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

The FAA issued a notice of enforcement discretion for employers that are unable to meet random drug and alcohol testing rate requirements for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Oregon Decriminalizes Possession of Hard Drugs

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize the possession of hard drugs reducing the punishment to a non-criminal offense.

Industry Insights

Q4 Update: Positivity Rates Continue To Worsen Due To the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the pandemic, amphetamines were already on the rise, and with added stress, anxiety, and fear, drug test positivity rates are now soaring.


DISA Celebrates 34 Years of Employment Screening Success

DISA Global Solutions turns 34 years old celebrating many years of employment screening service success!