55 Currently Proposed Marijuana Laws: Do You Know What's Being Considered in Your State?

An updated list of the constantly changing marijuana laws by state.


Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana laws will soon go into effect in Oklahoma. What employers need to know about facing one of the least restrictive medical marijuana policies in the U.S.


Vermont’s Marijuana Legalization Law: What It Means for Employers

Recreational marijuana is now permitted in Vermont, and employers should take precautions to protect their workplace from potential costly accidents and/or mistakes due to marijuana-using employees.

Industry Insights

Substance Abuse in Safety-Sensitive Positions Leads to Higher Costs

High-risk industries depend on employees to work safely and responsibly to avoid the costly effects of accidents and injuries.


Webinar: Vermont & Oklahoma’s Controversial New Marijuana Laws

DISA's VP of Operations, David Eades and legal expert Yvette Farnsworth Baker of Current Consulting Group to present two upcoming webinars on recent changes to marijuana laws.


Canada Becomes Second Country to Approve Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use

Learn what Canada's new law means for employees and employers in both the U.S. and Canada.