DISA Continues to Expand Capabilities, Expertise, and Geographic Reach with New Acquisitions

DISA Global Solutions continues to expand into new geographies across North America while adding subject matter expertise and building a broader array of services to best serve the growing and diverse needs of our customers.

Industry Insights

Reasonable Suspicion Testing: Signs to Look for and When to Implement

Implementing reasonable suspicion drug testing into your company's policy will strengthen safety in the workplace.


Illinois Legalizes Recreational Marijuana: How it Impacts Employers’ Drug-Free Workplaces

Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana, implementing the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, and will likely require employers to update their workplace drug testing policies.


Tennessee's Update to Voluntary Prescription Law Changes Requirements for Employers to Receive Insurance Premium Discounts

Tennessee's new update to their voluntary prescription law changes how MROs determine valid prescriptions.

Industry Insights

Can you Test If Someone Is High at The Moment?

How employers can stay informed on how to detect impairment and what actions are allowed to protect their company.


Nevada Updates Pre-employment Marijuana Testing Law

Nevada becomes first state to sign law prohibiting employers from taking action based on positive pre-employment test for marijuana.