Day with DISA’s Gone Digital!

To ensure all attendees, customers, and employees remain safe and healthy, DISA has decided to host our annual event virtually. Join us from the comforts of your very own home or office while getting industry insights from experts and leaders on a variety of topics. Over the course of four days, you’ll get to pick and choose the sessions that are most impactful to you, all while enjoying the perks of attending digitally.

Virtual Perks

  • Free to attend! No Travel, Registration, or Hotel Costs - This digital event is truly free, and there are no hidden costs to attend.
  • Live Q&A During the Events – Get more time with our session hosts as they’re available to answer questions for the entire hour!
  • Flexible Scheduling! - Every year we have attendees that couldn’t pick between two running at the same time. This year you don’t have to!
  • Staying Safe and Healthy – DISA is working to ensure you get the same informative experience virtually, as you would from our traditional event, without the risk of getting sick.

Additional Perks!

  • Dress Code - No stuffy suit and ties here! Rock your favorite pair of sweats while tuning in!
  • Snacks and Food – Lunch and intermissions will now cater to your favorite snacks (from your very own pantry)!
  • Climate Control – No need to pack a sweater; the temperature is always just right when you’re in control!
  • Best Seat in the House – You won’t have to get stuck behind the tall guy; our virtual presentations will give you the best views every time.