Letter for your Boss

If you’re thinking about attending Day with DISA 2019, but not quite sure how to present it to your boss, this letter will help get the conversation started. This template helps explain the importance of the event and how it will educate you and your company on recent changes in the employee screening industry. Included below are all the details surrounding the event, as well as a section to list the goals you would like to achieve while attending and which sessions you’re most interested in. The purpose of this letter is to reassure your boss that the impactful sessions and industry experts at Day with DISA will share valuable knowledge and benefit your company.


Day with DISA is quickly approaching and I would like to get your approval to attend this conference on October 24, 2019 in Houston, TX. Hosted by DISA Global Solutions, an industry-leading TPA, Day with DISA was created to help employers stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing employee screening industry and I feel this conference would be beneficial to our company.

While some employee screening conferences cost as much as $3,000 just to register, Day with DISA is FREE to attend! Additionally, it’s only a half day and sessions start at 1 PM, so I won’t miss a lot of work.

The knowledge gained from attending this conference will help ensure that our company remains compliant with employee screening requirements and meets industry standards.

Last year, Day with DISA became the second largest employee screening conference in the U.S. with more than 400 attendees across several safety-sensitive industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Transportation.  This year there will be even more sessions from industry-leading professionals speaking about topics ranging from drug and alcohol testing and background checks to DOT/transportation compliance and general DER information. Following the sessions, I’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet with these industry experts, network with peers and professionals, and ask any additional questions that pertain specifically to our company.

I’m confident that my attendance at Day with DISA 2019 will positively impact my quality of work and I’ll be able to share my knowledge with our team when I return.

The key takeaways I’d gain from this conference are as follows:

  • Recommendations to strengthen employee screening and compliance policies
  • Learn the latest employee screening trends in our industry
  • Get tips on maintaining compliance according to state laws

I’m most intrigued by these sessions:

  • [List two or more sessions you think will be impactful for your role]

You can learn more about the event here: https://disa.com/day-with-disa.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request,