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Click on the sessions below to view the presentation slides and/or listen to the presentation again! We know several individuals weren't able to make it out to Houston, but we felt this information was valuable to all of our customers and needed to be shared.

Designing a Program that Works with Your Marijuana Laws

The complexity surrounding marijuana laws and employer responsibilities can be daunting, but we aim to leave you informed and confident to carry out a program that will benefit your workplace and protect both your company and employees.

State Marijuana Laws and Litigation Strategies for Employers

Although marijuana is illegal on the federal level, many states have chosen to legalize either medical, recreational or both. The list of states who choose to legalize is steadily growing, each with different protocol, making it extremely difficult to stay up-to-date. This session will give an overview of marijuana legalization in the US and the issue it presents to employers and the current status.

History of Drug Testing & 2019 Owner Survey

This presentation will explore the evolution of contractor testing and which best practices can make your facility safer. The speaker will also present an in-depth analysis of DISA's second annual 2019 Owners Survey, an annual survey of more than 60 industrial owner / operators on drug testing trends in the safety sensitive, industrial market.

Using Compliance & Legal to Support an Effective Drug Testing Program

Today's fragmented, fast-paced, evolving business environment requires a proactive compliance/legal program to support your business. This session will explore how developing and implementing a proactive program helps you avoid difficulties by bringing your compliance/legal program front and center as a cornerstone of your employee testing.

Creating the Drug Free and Safer Workplace

Hair testing uniquely reveals a wealth of information about drug use over a period of time by analyzing sections of a small hair sample. As the hair testing pioneer and leader for oil and gas companies and contractors, Psychemedics gleans insights from the deepest dataset in the industry to gauge trends.

Drug Testing Policies, Focus on Marijuana

As an employer facing new marijuana laws, you might feel the pressure of protecting your company and employees more than ever before. We hope to relieve some of the weight on your shoulders by providing helpful information. Nina French will guide us through an over view of marijuana legalization in the U.S. the issue it presents to employers and the current status.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Regulations Update

The Department of Transportation, understandably, creates strict guidelines for its employees relating to workplace safety that continue to change with regard to the evolution of drug use. Although marijuana, in certain states, and prescription drugs are legal, the DOT regulations remain stringent. This session will cover the significant updates in DOT regulations.

Marijuana Impairment and Emerging Technology

The effects of marijuana on the general population are difficult to define. Marijuana is unregulated, making it especially complex for consumers to know what they are getting and for law officials to determine a level of impairment. Emerging technology is paving the way to get a better understanding of impairment levels.

If you have any questions about drug testing in your state, give us a call at 1-800-752-6432 and talk with DISA's industry experts!