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Industry Pulse: Occupational Health Trends

Stay at the forefront of occupational health by diving into the latest trends and updates. Brought to you by an industry-leading provider, this session ensures you're well-equipped to navigate the evolving occupational health landscape.


Navigating Drug Testing: A 50-State Review

The U.S. presents a complex patchwork of drug testing laws affecting employers. Unpack these state-specific regulations, understand their impact, and learn strategies to seamlessly navigate this intricate landscape.


“Do This, Not That”: Tackling the Toughest Employment Issues During Tough Times

Navigate the most challenging employment issues exacerbated by unprecedented times. Delve deep into the top lessons from the pandemic, understand the implications of emerging challenges ranging from remote work dynamics to the phenomenon of “The Great Resignation.” Additionally, reaffirm foundational concerns like wage-hour matters and the heightened emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Oral Fluid Testing in DOT: Current State & Future

As the DOT explores Oral Fluid Testing, HR professionals are left with questions. Dive into the current state of this testing method, understand its feasibility, and explore the challenges and opportunities it presents.


DISA's Comprehensive Service Overview

From employee screening to compliance, DISA is your holistic solution. Join us as we walk you through our extensive service line, showcasing our expertise and explaining why DISA stands out as your one-stop shop for all your needs.


Tackling Fentanyl & Workplace Drug Threats

The rise of fentanyl and other drugs presents significant threats in the workplace. Understand these challenges deeply and discover practical strategies that employers can implement. Gain tools and insights tailored for proactive response and prevention.


Navigating Ban-the-Box & Fair Hiring (private companies only)

With the continuous evolution of Ban-the-Box and Fair Hiring laws, staying updated is critical. Delve into the latest legislations, explore real-world challenges faced by employers, and grasp the implications of these laws on hiring.


Cultivating a Safe Workplace Culture

The safety of a workplace is paramount. In this session, we'll delve into specific industry threats and challenges related to drug use. Explore actionable solutions, understand common challenges, and navigate through essential drug-related policy considerations for a safer work environment.


Clearinghouse & DOT: Updates from the Top

Gain invaluable insights directly from the leaders of Clearinghouse & DOT programs. Understand the latest updates, their implications, and strategize your compliance plans based on these expert inputs.


California Hiring: Best Practices & Pitfalls

California's unique legal landscape presents distinct challenges for employers. Delve into the specifics of hiring in the Golden State, understand potential pitfalls, and arm yourself with best practices tailored for California.


Barriers to Hiring: Employer Hiring Challenges, Considerations, and Solutions

In today’s multifaceted hiring environment, several barriers emerge that can impede recruitment. Explore challenges from Ban-the-Box and drug testing to the implications of Artificial Intelligence, and discover how to seamlessly navigate these hurdles.


Panel: Drug Testing Trends & Expert Insights

As drug testing landscapes shift, it’s crucial for HR professionals to stay updated. Join our panel of distinguished experts as they dissect current trends, from oral fluid considerations in California to state-by-state legislation nuances, and share their seasoned recommendations.


Safety and Regulatory Update with ATA

Stay informed with the latest on pending regulatory actions from FMCSA. This session will delve into the initiatives FMCSA is currently undertaking and provide projections for what to anticipate for the remainder of 2024.


Mastering FCRA & Adverse Action: A Refreshing Overview

Whether you're new to HR or seeking a refresher, understanding FCRA & Adverse Action laws is vital. Dive into a comprehensive overview, grasp the intricacies, and ensure that your hiring processes remain compliant and efficient.


Marijuana Legislation: Today & Tomorrow

With marijuana legalization in flux, employers find themselves in uncharted territory. Dive deep into current legislative considerations, forecast future expectations, and determine the best steps for employers to stay compliant and informed.

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