About Industry Sessions

For the fourth year, DISA Global Solutions is hosting its annual Day with DISA conference and networking event, one of the largest employee screening events in the U.S. Once again, we’ve decided to move the event to a virtual format to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, customers, and employees. Free to attend, we’ve expanded to 16 sessions over four days! Industry-leading experts will present each of our employee screening sessions with live interactive Q&As, door prizes, and more.

Each year DISA grows our list of attendees, including over 800 HR and Safety employees across several safety-sensitive industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Transportation in 2019 alone! Hosting on a virtual platform, we anticipate an even larger audience with more one-on-one ways to chat with DISA experts, industry leaders, and our speakers themselves. Choose from 16 sessions ranging from six different categories, including Drug Testing, Background, Transportation, Occupational Health, Energy Owner/Operators, and DISA.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is important for employers to address in their workplace, regardless of the industry. Whether you’re creating and implementing a drug and alcohol test or modifying an existing one, the following sessions will help guide you in learning what is best for your company and how to ensure compliance and industry standards with your drug testing program. With the rise of CBD oil and constant changes with marijuana state laws, employers must comprehend the laws in their state and how it relates to their company’s drug testing policies and procedures to avoid litigation, while also maintaining a safe working environment that meets industry standards.


Drug Testing Industry Update: Focus on CBD Oil & Marijuana

A drug testing industry update on Marijuana and CBD Oil. Come learn what trends our experts are seeing and some potential headwinds the industry faces.

Building a Culture of Safety in Your Workplace (Threats - Solutions - Policy)

A breakdown of industry threats, solutions for common challenges, and policy considerations you should be aware of when building a culture of safety in your workplace. This session will include key insights into positivity rates since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Marijuana: Laws and Strategies

An in-depth legal analysis of the current state of the drug testing industry and the state of marijuana legalization. This session will discuss what we might see in 2022.

New Drugs on the Rise

With amphetamines and opioid abuse rising, what other drugs are on the rise and could be the next epidemic? Early awareness and training is key to keeping your workplace safe.

Cannabis Legalization & The Future of THC Testing

Employers know they have been left to navigate hundreds of cannabis laws and drug testing regulations without a map to guide them. Regardless of their approach to cannabis testing, many employers are overwhelmed with the myriad of new risks associated with the paths forward. New challenges include questions about how to accomplish key business goals – maintaining safety, retaining employees, mitigating risk, building brand value, and earning profits. Presenter Nina M. French, a drug testing industry expert with nearly three decades of experience, will explain how new legislation, recent scientific research, and program design provide the foundation for the future of cannabis testing.

Background Screening

There are a lot of moving parts and options when it comes to background screening. Employers should stay informed of industry best practices, products, and services to build a background screening program that meets compliance and industry needs. Employers need to understand both their rights, as well as their employees and/or applicants when running background checks. These sessions will give you a closer look at background screening products and inform you of how to handle a situation when a background check returns with a hit.


Background Screening Litigation Avoidance Strategies

Join us as we go deeper into the background screening industry and discuss litigation strategies for our current legal environment.

Background Industry Update

Get an overview of what's happening in the background screening industry from an industry-leading authority!



One DISA - Overview of DISA’s Entire Product Suite

Join us for a complete overview of our service line from top to bottom. See why DISA is your one-stop shop for employee screening and compliance needs.

2022 Industrial Owner/Operator Solutions

Join us as speaker, Colin Woods, identifies and discusses best practices for owner/operators that run large safety-sensitive facilities and want to ensure safer employee screening and management for their contractors.

DOT/Transportation Compliance

Join us as we discuss the FMCSA Clearinghouse and its looming deadline, new DOT requirements, pending changes, and other upcoming legislative considerations for companies that are covered by the DOT!


ATA Safety Regulatory Update

Join us as Dan Horvath, ATA's Vice President of Safety Policy provides an overview on the latest from the safety regulatory world, including both recent and proposed regulations. During this session, Dan will give an update on the status of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and Drug testing, Hours of Service, COVID-19 Regulatory impacts, Entry Level Drivers, and more!

Achieving True Fleet Management

You're managing your employees, but are you managing your fleet? Licensing and permitting, tax recovery and refund, fuel tax reporting and compliance, these are all things that help take your fleet from operational to awesome! Come take the next step with our industry experts.

Roundtable: Transportation Industry Best Practices

A group discussion on the common best practices in the transportation industry to manage your compliance needs. Topics include random program management, licensing and permitting, hours of service, fuel tax compliance, and more.

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse 2022 Update

An update on the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse presented by FMCSA's Clearinghouse Program Managers.

Occupational Health

Focused on helping businesses maintain a safe and healthy workplace, occupational health is designed to assist with risk and hazard prevention, injury care, and general health requirements for a job. Employers need to stay informed of the wide range of medical services available to ensure employees remain healthy and safe while on the job.


Occupational Health Industry Update and Outlook

The occupational health industry has seen a significant shift in the last 12 months. Join our industry experts as they discuss where the industry is today and where we expect it to be tomorrow!

Employer Challenges


Roundtable: Employee Screening Challenges in 2022

A group discussion with industry leading experts on what challenges we’re seeing arise in 2022 and beyond. We’ll discuss legal concerns, background and drug testing hurdles, and how to screen remote employees successfully!