Dayforce FAQs

Helpful tips as we transition to Ceridian!

This Frequently Asked Question – FAQ – sheet will help in the first weeks of Ceridian’s implantation. Review this to refresh your knowledge on our most common questions. More information will be added throughout the transition.

Dayforce Changes - 6/1

Will DISA employees have access to the On-demand Mobile app feature?

DISA has not elected to participate in On-demand pay at this time.

Dayforce Changes - 5/21

What Changes Can We Expect When HTML Replaces Silverlight?

Dayforce will operate with more browsers. While Dayforce might run without major issues in older browsers, some new or existing functionality may no longer work as expected. Please use Internet Explorer 11, Safari 9+, Firefox 38+, Edge, or Chrome.

How Will The Dayforce Assistant Improve the Mobile App Experience?

Dayforce Assistant allows you to manage your work-life activities through the Ceridian Dayforce mobile app. You can use the chat box to perform most of the functions on your mobile app. You can ask questions about scheduling, pay cycle, and paid time off.

Open Enrollment

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment refers to the time of year where eligible employees can enroll in or make changes to their Health Benefits for the upcoming year.

Who is eligible for benefits and to participate in DISA’s 2019 Open Enrollment process?

Full Time Base Staff (>30 hours per week) DISA employees are eligible to enroll in Health Benefits Annually during Open enrollment

When does open enrollment start?

Open enrollment begins November 14th, and ends November 27th ,2019

Why do I need to participate in open enrollment?

Participating in open enrollment allows you to take charge of your benefits by selecting the options most important to you and your family.

Where do I log in to access my benefits?

Access Ceridian Dayforce (see link) to review your current elections now. When open enrollment begins, you will also change your benefits in Ceridian Dayforce.

Will there be training to help me with open enrollment?

Yes. You will receive a recorded version of the training, get invited to attend Q&A Webinars, and have access to all FAQs through the Dayforce FAQ site.

What sort of changes can I make during open enrollment?

  • You may add or drop Medical coverage, or change the level of your coverage
  • You may choose new plans
  • You may add or drop qualified dependents

When do benefits elections or changes will go into effect?

Benefit elections take effect on January 1, 2020 (bold). Benefit deductions changes will be reflected on your first paycheck in 2020.

Aside from changes, should I be verifying any other information?

You should verify your, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and beneficiaries

What happens if I do not want to change anything? Do I need to do anything?

This will be a Passive Enrollment. Which means, if you do not want to make any changes to your benefits, no action is needed, and your current benefits will rollover to 2020 and be the same.

Exception: If you have a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) options, which require you to actively re-enroll each year. They do not automatically rollover and must be re-elected.

Access / Personal Information Questions

How Do I Access The Site? What Is My Username And Password?

Dayforce HCM can be accessed here:

Company Name: disa (no caps)
User Name: firstname.lastname (Based on the first and last name listed in ADP. E.g. Jane.Doe)
Password: (Birth Year)(Birth Month Spelled Out)(Birth Date).
For example, if you were born on December 28, 1986, your login would be 1986December28.

If your birthday is a single digit, there is no need to add a “0” in front of that digit.
The system will lock you out after several unsuccessful login attempts.

What do I do if I lose my password?

You can use the “Can’t access your account?” feature on the login page. If you still have issues, you can contact Derby Quang at (281) 730-5407.

How do I change my personal information?

From the Home screen, click the Profile & Settings link located under you name and job title. From here you can edit your information on the Profile screen or submit a form on the Forms screen.

Where do I clock in?

From the Dayforce Home screen, navigate to Work from the navigation on the left. Click on Time Clock. Select your option of clocking in, out, meal start, or meal end.

Training Questions

When, and how long, is the training on the system available?

Training will be available on 12/20/2018 – 1/04/2018. MyPath will always be available from the Help button in Dayforce.

How can I access self-guided training for Ceridian Dayforce?

From the Home screen, click the Help link under you name and job title. This opens up MyPath training modules. Expand the employee or manager section to find the topic on which you choose to train or type a topic in the search area.

PTO / Pay Questions

How do I view my time off balances and request a day off?

From the Dayforce Home screen, navigate to Work, and Time Away List from the navigation panel on the left. Click Balances to view your available balances and click Request New Time Off to submit a new request. Your request will be pending manager approval.

Will my PTO balance transfer over?

Yes, your accrued paid time off balance will be transferred into Ceridian Dayforce. PTO balances are being updated in the first days of implementation. If your balance is not correct, be sure to submit your correct balance to your manager, and check back after the first paycheck – January 11, 2019.

How do I view my Earnings?

From the Dayforce Home screen, navigate to Earnings from the navigation on the left and select the pay period you want to view.

How will I access my W2 / T4?

You will access your W2 / T4 through ADP or have access through your legacy system. Access will still be permitted post Go-live to view these documents.

How do I access my previous pay statements?

Access previous pay statements in ADP.

How do I change my direct deposits?

From the homepage, click on the Forms icon. Under the Available Forms, look under Personal forms, select the Direct Deposit link.

A separate box will open asking for your direct deposit information.
Click the + Add icon and enter your banking information.
Be sure to verify all entries are correct.

PTO Blackout Period Questions

As we transition into Ceridian Dayforce, we will no longer enter paid-time-off requests into ADP to avoid the loss of data. There will be a “Blackout Period” between December 15th – 21st, in which all PTO requests should be processed manually through your manager. Please review the FAQs below.

What changes will need to be made to Paid Time Off (PTO) requests during the transition to Ceridian?

We will no longer be able to enter PTO requests into your current HR system after December 14, 2018.

How will the PTO transition process work during the Blackout period?

Requests for PTO should be submitted directly to your Manager for dates between December 15th through December 21st.

You and your Manager should track your PTO manually until you have access to Ceridian and can enter those dates in the new system. For those locations that are not transitioning from ADP, you will need to re-enter any 2019 PTO requests into Ceridian Dayforce.

Will PTO balances be transferred to Ceridian Dayforce?

Yes, your 2018 accrued / unused PTO balances will be transferred into Ceridian Dayforce on or soon after December 21st. Please verify the correct PTO balance transferred is correct after implementation.

How will this affect requests already submitted and approved for 2019?

Those requests entered prior to Blackout will still be honored by your manager and transferred into Dayforce when available. Ask your manager if you have questions about PTO requests already submitted or PTO balance.

What will the process look like for requesting paid-time-off in Ceridian Dayforce?

Check out “Requesting time away from work” from Dayforce Education.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All employees must ensure the correct PTO entries have been made in both ADP & Dayforce in order to accurately record their end-of-year balances and be able to roll over up to a maximum of 40 hours accrued and unused PTO.

How do you cancel an approved time off request?

  1. Select the Calendar icon from the homepage
    • You can also use click on the navigation panel, click the white arrow next to the Work tab to expand the tab
  2. Click on the Calendar tab
    • Approved time off requests display a green banner at the top of the cell for that calendar day
    • Pending time off requests display an orange banner at the top of the cell for that calendar day
    1. Click on the date or the first date in the range of dates of approved time off to view options to edit the date or range of dates
      • Create time off request – does not work for time already approved
      • View time off request – allows you to view the approved request, but it cannot be edited
      • Cancel time off request – Select to view the “Cancel Time Off Request” option
      • Change view – to change view from entire month to view of just the week of the approved time off or just the day or range of dates of the time off request
      • Refresh – refreshes the page to reflect status of manager’s response to request to cancel approved time off.
    2. Select the “Cancel time off request” option
    3. In the “Cancel Time Of Request” box, click the Submit button
      • You will not have the option to save
      • Your manager will get a request to cancel approved time off request
      • The banner of the date or range of dates of the request to cancel an approved time off request will display a red banner at the top of the cell of the date or range of dates
    1. To view approval status, click on the date or range of dates of the approved time off requests to view the edit options.
    2. Click the Refresh button to view the status of the request to cancel an approved time off request
    • Your manager has approved the request to cancel an approved time off when the cell for the date no longer displays the red banner at the top.
    • Your manager has denied your request to approve your request to cancel the approved time off if the cell displays a green “approved” banner at the top of the date or the range of dates of the approved time off

    Mobile App Questions

    Can I clock in via mobile app?

    Clocking in via mobile app is role specific. Please discuss with your manager to see if your role is included.

    How do I add the DAYFORCE mobile app to my phone?

    See Quick Start Video below.

    Dayforce Mobile App Performance Push Notifications

    Get Push Notifications When:

    • When a conversation is added to a goal.
    • When a goal is overdue.
    • When your goal details have changed.
    • When a goal is created.

    Once you are logged into the app, when you tap the notification, the app takes you to the goal in the My Goals feature.


    How Do I Select Benefits in Ceridian Dayforce?

    See Access / Personal Information Questions section.

    New DISA Team Members

    How do I sign into the system?

    From the Dayforce Home screen, navigate to Benefits. From there, you will be able to view your information. Click on Start Enrollment, then click through the plan choices selecting the benefits you prefer. Click Submit Enrollments once you have selected your desired benefits. Your can click Review Benefits to confirm your choices.

    How do I acknowledge DISA company policies in DAYFORCE?

    From the homepage, click on the Forms icon. Under the Available Forms, look under Professional forms, select the first policy link. A separate box will open. Click on the document title and read the content. Check the box at the bottom to accept and acknowledge the company policy and submit when done. Once submitted, the pop-up box will close, and you will be back at the “Available Forms” page. Continue until all the policies have been acknowledged.

    Quick Start Videos

    Getting started with Dayforce:
    Requesting time away from work:
    Viewing your earning statements:
    Clocking in for work:
    Selecting your benefits:
    Accessing the DAYFORCE Mobile App :
    Updating your personal information: