Dayforce FAQs for Managers

Helpful tips for managers as we transition to Ceridian!

Review this to refresh your knowledge on our most common questions for managers.

More information will be added throughout the transition.


How Do I Print A Reward Letter For Merit Increase?

  1. Navigate to the Compensation tab or click the icon on your Home screen
  2. Click the 2018 Merit link on the compensation workbook
  3. Click on the employee’s name to activate the Reward Letter
  4. Click on Reward Letter from the top banner
  5. Print or save the Reward Letter as a PDF

How Do I Access The Performance Review/ Print Review?

  1. Navigate to the Performance tab
  2. Select Reviews from the top banner
  3. Click on the review
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the review to select the Print button from the left hand side
  5. Choose to print the entire form or just sections

How Do I Create And Assign Goals In Dayforce?

  1. Log into Dayforce
  2. Select Manager With WFM role
  3. Navigate to the Performance tab
  4. Select the Goals tab
    • Team Goals - All goals entered for you and your direct reports
    • My Goals – Only the goals you have created
    • Organizational Goals – DISA’s annual company goals
  5. Select Team Goals tab
  6. Click the ADD goal icon at the top right of the screen
  7. Add a SMART goal
  8. Choose the related goal category
  9. Select Current Year and Shared Goals from in the Alignment tab
  10. Select the appropriate team members in the Assign Employees tab

Timekeeping / Payroll

As leaders are we required to include shifts into Dayforce?


What’s the difference between pay adjustment and adding punches?

Pay adjustments are to adjust for training for overtime where the actual shift was not work.

Adding punches is correcting or adjusting time.

If you have team numbers at multiple locations, do you have to sort my location to be their time sheets?

No. All your team members should show up on your schedule or time sheet view.

Can I run report that show me my team members actual punches versus the schedule in order to audit tardiness?

Your role has to be a manager with WFM. Select timesheet from the navigation panel. Choose the Reports tab from the top banner. From the list of reports under fixed format report, select “Schedule vs Actual Report.” Another way of looking at the same information is selecting the raw punch report. 

In California, should hourly employees clock out for 10 minute breaks?

Yes.  In our California locations, employees will see a break button on the time clock.  Although these 10 minute breaks are paid, they should still be clocking out using the break button.

At our location, if there is an emergency situation and a team member has to come on duty to solve an issue, we offer a stipend. How do I enter that into Dayforce?

Send those stipend request to

Do I need to use the Pay Approve tab to approve payroll?

No. Once you approve a timesheet, payroll is approved.  No need for further action.

How do I approve PTO?

1. Access your approval center from the homepage.
2. Review current request by clicking to open.

• The date and hours requested will show at the top of the form.
• If you have used scheduling, scroll to the bottom of the page to review coverage for the PTO range requested.
• To give approval, click on the approve button at the bottom of the form

How do I adjust time on Timesheets?

1. Locate the shift in Timesheets
2. Click on the shift to highlight it blue.
3. Use the Edit icon as shown
4. Add missed punches.

Click the OK button to Update the shift.

How do I filter my view of the timesheet to reveal only unauthorized shifts?

• Click on the Filter & Sort tab to find shifts that have not been authorized
• Select Unauthorized Records

Click the Apply button the display only those shifts that have not been authorized.

How do I authorize payroll?

• Authorize payroll for a single shift by clicking on the shift to highlight it blue.  Click the authorize tab once selected.
• Authorize payroll for a full day of shifts by clicking on the date to highlight to highlight the whole column blue.  Click the authorize tab once selected.
• Authorize payroll for all shifts worked by an employee by clicking on the employee’s name to highlight all shifts blue.  Click the authorize tab once selected.

Authorizing timesheets IS Approving Payroll
Authorized shifts have a brown authorized icon

Do I need to authorize payroll for salaried employees?

No, but you should always double check to ensure PTO requests are approved and are showing.