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Corporate Background Screening

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Did you know that DISA provides corporate background screening services?

Our background checks make it easy to make informed hiring decisions and are a valuable tool for HR, safety, and security professionals across all industries. We provide a variety of individual background products and specialized services, such as customized product packages, grading, and evaluating. Additionally, our services offer the most current and accurate data available with the fastest possible turnaround time.

• Automatic Renewal Notices

• FCRA Compliance Assistance

• Online Tracking & Reporting

• Extensive Provider Network

• Applicant Order Entry

• Grading & Evaluating

Our professionals can help you customize a background screening program that meets and maintains compliance standards in your workplace.

Choose from a multitude of industry-leading products, including:

Social Security Number (SSN) Validity

SafetyNetTM Criminal Jurisdiction Search

Instant SSN & Address Trace

State Driving Record (MVR)

Patriot Act

U.S. Sex Offender

Criminal History County & State

Criminal History Federal Felony

Education Verification

Employment Verification

Personal Reference Verification

DOT Testing & FMCSA Safety Performance History

And more…

By taking advantage of our robust background screening service offerings and our experts' help, employers can better protect their company’s. Going beyond a standard pre-employment screening, our comprehensive line of service offerings makes it easy to create a background screening program suitable to meet your company's individual needs. For more information on DISA’s corporate background screening solutions, contact us today!