Driver Qualification Files

DISA understands how difficult it can be to manage driver files and to keep them compliant with FMCSA requirements. Our DQ services will make sure you hire only the safest drivers and that they stay that way. From records management to audit assistance, DISA’s driver file services will remove the administrative burden from your shoulders, while keeping your drivers on the road for the long haul. Easy, fast, and efficient. That’s how DQ management should be.

DISA Benefits

  • Automatic Tracking of Annual Reviews
  • Expert Compliance & Audit Assistance
  • Automatic Expiring Item Renewal Notices
  • Live QC and Approval Process
  • Automatic Uploads to the Driver File
  • Secured Confidential Information
  • In-depth Driver File Auditing
  • Online Auditor Access to Files
  • Reduced Liability and Risk
  • Real-Time, Online Program Access

What documents are required in your driver files?

  • Driver Employment Application
  • Driver Release Form
  • Previous Employer Requests & Responses
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • Road Test Record and Certificate
  • Annual Driver’s Certificate of Violations
  • Annual Driving Record Review
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  • FMCSA Evidence of Safety Training
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test Results
  • Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Statement
  • Drivers Road Test

DOT & Transportation Compliance Services Data Sheet