A doctor examining a patient for occupational health services.

Occupational Medicine & Testing

DISA's occupational health services give our clients a more effective and convenient way to manage their hiring and workplace safety initiatives. Using our specially designed Occupational Medical Records Tracking (OMRT) program within our online system, DISAWorks®, we can coordinate the complete screening process. This innovative application removes the guesswork from an otherwise difficult process.

DISA uses thousands of clinics nationwide to provide our clients with the most convenient and cost-effective services available. With our expert scheduling services, clients can conduct preventative health and wellness screens anywhere in the country, quickly and easily.

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DISA's Proprietary Online Data Management System, DISAWorks®

DISA employs the use of a proprietary online data management system, DISAWorks®, one of the company's most important and distinctive management tools. DISAWorks' advanced functionality has been developed and customized to meet the requirements of our unique and diverse client-base. This innovative, one-of-a-kind platform gives you the ability to track and manage your sensitive program information in a highly secure, real-time environment, along with the convenience of the Internet.

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Additional customizable options include:

  • Policy development and assessment
  • Training & Education
  • In-house Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Compliance assistance support, including regulatory updates and audit assistance