A commercial driver putting fuel in his truck.


DISA’s fleet management services include a comprehensive alternative to full service fuel tax reporting via a 100% web based application “Software as a Service” model. This self-service solution for IFTA and mileage tax reporting is perfect for those who want full control of their fuel tax initiative, and effectively incorporates DISA’s vast array of industry expertise with intuitive steps to guide you through the entire review, audit and tax return preparation process.

Program Features:

  • GPS integration- automated data feed via API
  • Automated daily distance processing
  • Fuel card imports
  • IFTA and weight distance tax returns for NY, NM, OR, and KY
  • Comprehensive, intuitive audit and review process with step by step measures built to identify and address audit risk and exposure
  • 5 year data retention at no additional charge
  • Full array of reports including fuel efficiency, driver settlement, IRP, and insurance reports
  • Ability to add, delete, or adjust distance and fuel records
  • NY toll mile credit on NY weight distance tax return
  • No start up fees
  • Training and support at no additional charge

Download a SAAS data sheet

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