A employee calculating fuel tax recoveries and refunds for IFTA taxes.

Tax Recovery/Refund Service

DISA’s tax specialists know the trucking industry and the taxes related to it. We have the expertise in all areas of fuel tax recovery and stay up-to-date on the ever changing laws and regulations related to fuel tax at both the state and federal levels.

Carriers are constantly burning fuel that could be considered tax exempt. These tax-exempt gallons of fuel can result in substantial refunds for carriers.

DISA’s tax recovery services include: 

• A thorough review of all tax-related documents, not just your tax returns
• Tax planning to prevent future overpayments
• Federal Excise Tax refunds
• Processing of road tax refund claims
• Sales tax refund requests from vendors
• State and local income and franchise tax refunds
• Reefer Fuel Refunds, Idle Time Refunds, and PTO (Power Take Off) Refunds
• Audit support – DISA will represent you during an on-site audit, and act in an advisory capacity in the negotiation/appeal process

Our industry-targeted tax planning initiatives also identify potential tax savings related to:

• Spin-offs
• Mergers
• Acquisitions
• Reorganizations
• New jurisdictions of operation
• Lease/financing arrangements
• New product lines

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