The DISA Advantage

Why choose a company that uses DISA?

By using a company who is screening employees with DISA you get safer, higher quality worker who is tested regularly and ready to start immediately. There is a reason why DISA is one of the leading TPAs for managing employee screening. As industry pioneers, our priority is to help companies build a culture of safety.

Companies who use DISA to screen their employees value the highest standards of safety and quality workers.

DISA has made it our mission to innovate employee screening solutions that stay ahead of the evolving demand of workplace safety. New challenges are regularly appearing in the wake of increased substance abuse, new background restrictions by city or state, and increased regulatory burden. By leveraging technology and DISA's industry-leading expertise, we offer employers a higher standard of safety by keeping them armed with the tools necessary to make the most-informed employment decisions.

The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC)

The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC) manages the multitude of workplace screening requirements that contractor companies must meet to work at safety-focused worksites across the Energy Sector. The DCC manages reciprocal policies and programs around the special requirements of various owners, operators, safety councils, or federal regulatory agencies.

The DISA Contractors Consortium


We understand the importance of efficiency. Time is money, but in some cases the quicker, cheaper option may cost more in the end. DISA enables owner/operators the ability to restrict site access solely to companies who are complying with safety-sensitive requirements that you set.

Ensure your contractors are verified and ready to work by choosing a contractor who is already verified and ready to go on site today! Don't lose time waiting for a contractor to gain site access, and be confident knowing that companies verified by DISA help create a safer and more productive work environment.