Over 1800 Attendees in 2023!

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Start your year off with employee screening guidance and best practices from the industry's most well-known experts.


Day with DISA is back! In order to allow as many participants as possible to attend, while ensuring the safety of all attendees, DISA has made the decision to host our annual conference digitally again this year.

Start your year off right with employee screening guidance from industry-leading experts! HR & Safety employees across several safety-sensitive industries attended more than 3,500 sessions during last year's Day with DISA.

Digital Day with DISA will have four days of presentations lined up from recognized industry leaders on various topics impacting the employee screening industry today. This conference is held annually to give employers a place to find the information they needed about the rapidly changing employee screening industry. Day with DISA's tracks focus on drug & alcohol testing, background check, transportation compliance, occupational health, and more!

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  • 100% of attendees found Day with DISA valuable!
  • 98% of attendees left with a better understanding of the current drug testing environment
  • 93% of attendees left with actionable information
  • Attendees gave an average rating of the sessions they attended a 4.4 out of 5
  • 99% of attendees surveyed planned on attending again!
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  • Employees responsible for ensuring safety at their workplace or facility.
  • Employers impacted by new or pending employee screening legislation.
  • Employers looking to build a culture of safety in their workplace.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about drug testing, background screening, & DOT compliance.
  • Anyone that would benefit from hearing about the latest employee screening trends.


  • "Excellent speakers and content. Very informative and hot off the press news and updates."

  • "This was my first Day with DISA event, and it exceeded my expectations!"

  • "I forwarded at least 3 or 4 presentations to my HSE, LEGAL, and DOT transportation groups. ALSO, I really liked the online format, which saved a lot of extra money, and travel time, etc."

  • "Greatly appreciate all the thought and time given to make this happen! It was fantastic and appreciated."

  • "First-time attendee. I WILL be back!"
    "Very well put together, it was a great event"
    "Outstanding! Looking forward to next year. Thank you"

  • "Very informative! Will be going back to download the materials and watch again. Almost too much information to take in all at once, but since I can go back and review it’s perfect."

  • "I am new to my role in drug testing. I really enjoyed the sessions presented. It was convenient for me to watch while working from home and when I was back in the office at my desk."

  • "All of the speakers had great energy and it was never difficult to stay in tune to the meeting."