Benefits of Joining a Consortium as an Owner/Operator

Commit to a Safer Facility

For more than 30 years, DISA has made it our mission to develop drug testing solutions that stay ahead of the evolving demand of workplace safety in the wake of increased substance abuse. By leveraging technology and industry-leading expertise, our solutions offer employers a higher standard of testing, keeping you armed with the tools you need to make the best, most-informed employment decisions possible for your business.

One of those tools is the DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC). The DISA Contractors Consortium is a specialized safety program that manages the workplace safety requirements that vary across industrial owners and operators, safety councils, and regulatory agencies. With over 20,000 participating contractor companies in this program, the DCC is the largest most diversified contractor compliance program of its kind. Another benefit: DISA eliminates the logistical work of managing a program at no cost to the owners. 

Program Benefits

  • No Direct Cost from DISA for Owners
  • Real-Time Access to Employee Statuses Active/Inactive
  • Company & Employee-Level Tracking & Reporting
  • Eliminates Access of Non-Compliant Employees
  • Reduced Pre-Employment / Pre-Access Testing for Contractors
  • Better Quality Workforce
  • Compliance with Individual Owner Requirements
  • Increased Worksite Safety & Security
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Prevents Job-Hopping
  • Mobile Status Checking

Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Multiple Testing Methodologies  
    - Urine, Hair, Oral Fluid 
  • Complete Chain of Custody Management:   
    - Laboratory Analysis  
    - Collection Site Management   
    - Random Pool Selection & Management   
    - MRO Review 
    - Return to Duty Program Management   
    - Compliance Assistance  
  • Random Pool Selection and Management
  • Real-Time Auditing Access

Background Screening

  • Standardized Industry Contractor Package
  • Real-Time Auditing Access
  • Grading and Evaluating Services
  • Online Applicant Order Entry
  • Automated Renewal Notice

DISA Owner Survey

DISA conducted surveys with more than 60 owner/operators in the oil & gas, chemical, and energy markets that perform drug testing to develop a unique report that analyzes data and trends to reveal the industry best practices to create and maintain a culture of safety.     

DISA’s Contractors Consortium is mandated or accepted in more than 250 industrial facilities and upstream sites throughout the United States.

For more information about how your company and contractors can benefit from joining the DISA Contractors Consortium, contact DISA at 281-730-5515