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Most recent DOT Compliance Questions

Where exactly should we put our Spotted Lanternfly permit on our semi-tractor cab?

As of last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture no longer distributes stickers or window hangs, instead a paper permit must be kept in the vehicle at all times....

Category: DOT Compliance

What kind of log does a transportation vehicle have to provide for the Spotted Lanternfly?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), each vehicle should carry a log to track Spotted Lanternfly inspection or control measure activities and must keep those records for two ...

Category: DOT Compliance

Do spotted lantern fly requirements apply to fleets of service vans and other non-DOT regulated company vehicles?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, permits are required for all businesses and organizations who will be moving within or from the quarantine zone while working.More details and ...

Category: DOT Compliance