Drug Testing Compliance Training and Support

Get Expert Help with Compliance Training, Policy Creation, Auditing, and Review

DISA's decades of drug testing compliance experience helped create several new products to help ensure your corporate policies are exactly what you need.

Compliance Training

DISA provides online, on-site, or in person training courses to our customers to help them ensure the safest workplace possible. Aside from creating and implementing a drug and alcohol testing program, employers can ensure safety through a variety of training courses. 

Our compliance training and education covers a variety of topics, including reasonable suspicion and supervisor safety awareness. For both DOT regulated, and non-DOT regulated companies’, reasonable suspicion training will help maintain safety in the workplace by properly training managers to recognize and document signs and symptoms of drug use and being under the influence while on the job. Evidence is observed by direct observation and can result in a reasonable suspicion drug test. This type of training will enhance the safety standards of your working environment and ensure that employees are under the supervision of highly trained professionals.

Course Catalog

Employee Training - Signs and Symptoms

Training Description: In this training course, employees learn about signs and symptoms that may indicate increasing drug and/or alcohol abuse. By catching this early in yourself or others, you have the best opportunity available to prevent it from growing into abuse and dependency.

DOT & Non-DOT Versions Available

Available DOT Modes Include:
General DOT

Supervisor Training - Reasonable Suspicion

Training Description: Supervisor training for on the effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, and work environment and manifestations and behavioral cues that may indicate drug use and abuse.

DOT & Non-DOT Versions Available

Available DOT Modes Include:

Comprehensive Drug Testing Audit Services

Rather than being intimidated by auditing, employers can ensure that their drug and alcohol testing programs are compliant with DISA’s comprehensive auditing services. Our auditing process prevents costly mistakes by confirming if information is accurate and fulfills all industry requirements. 

One of the best ways to prepare for an audit is to be aware of exactly what the auditing agency expectations are and ensure that they are fulfilled when developing your program. DISA can assist employers with maintaining compliance with documentation, logging, and reporting through accuracy, accessibility, and awareness. Our mock audits give employers an idea of what to expect during a real audit and allows them to make any adjustments necessary to implement industry standards and meet compliance.

Drug Testing Policy Creation or Review

Not sure if your policy makes the cut? Depending on the industry, some companies must abide by DOT regulations, while others fall under non-DOT standards. DISA can help you identify and determine if your company will need to comply with federal DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. DOT audits and non-regulated program audits can vary greatly, so to ensure an accurate program you’ll want to know what to expect from your auditing agency, how to maintain accuracy with your records, and ensure that they remain accessible at all times. DISA’s professionals are qualified to help you create and review your company policies so you can remain confident in the event of an audit.

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