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What is the best background check site?

DISA is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and can help ensure that your hiring practices are consistent and compliant with your industry needs. DISA pro...

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What things appear on a background check?

Background checks often include a criminal history search at a minimum. However, depending upon the nature of the job, for persons in more sensitive, high-level positions or those dealing with vulnera...

Category: Background Check

How do you do a background check?

An employer must first establish a background check policy with their company. Once implemented, they can begin performing background checks, usually for pre-employment, but sometimes ongoing dependin...

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What type of background check do most employers use?

Not all background checks are the same and those quicker, cheaper screenings you come across online won’t offer the same in-depth research for an applicant. Most employers use comprehensive background...

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What are the most common types of criminal background checks?

A criminal history check reveals detailed information regarding an individual’s county, state, and federal criminal history. Each record varies by the type of information it searches for and the resul...

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Are there different types of background checks?

There are two different types of background checks; instant and comprehensive. Instant background checks, also known as “national criminal database searches” provide general information pulled from a ...

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What questions do they ask on a background check?

Since each background check can be customized to meet the needs of the employer, job position, and state laws, questions can vary according to what is included in the check. For example, if the employ...

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Why are background checks important?

It’s important that employers maintain standards when making hiring decisions to keep their workplace safer while ensuring the quality of employee matches their requirements. If an applicant has anyth...

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