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What is the importance of occupational health?

A well-designed occupational health program is key to ensuring that your organization and employees stay safe while on the job. Companies that follow best practices in occupational health can apprecia...

Category: Occupational Health

What is FormFox?

DISA partners with FormFox, the nation’s leading provider of Electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF) and electronic workflow solutions, to provide integrated solutions for workplace drugs of abuse...

Category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

What is considered actual knowledge of a Clearinghouse violation?

Employers who have actual knowledge that a driver has used alcohol or controlled substances in violation of Subpart B of Part 382 must report such violations to the Clearinghouse, in accordance with §...

Category: DOT Compliance

What is an MVR?

 A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) pulls information regarding a driver’s history from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This is part of the background check process for those who work in the t...

Category: DOT Compliance

What is SafetyNet Criminal Jurisdiction?

The SafetyNet product is DISA's NatCrim product. It generates information from hundreds of different data sources to provide an applicant's address history, name variations, and aliases. The informati...

Category: Background Check

Is being referred to occupational health a bad thing?

No, occupational health was designed to enhance workplace safety. Companies that follow best practices in occupational health can expect reduced risk and costs, enhanced employee performance and produ...

Category: Occupational Health

Does occupational health ask for medical records?

Depending on the industry and the specific job, an employee may be asked to undergo certain occupational health medical services to ensure that they are physically fit and capable of performing the ta...

Category: Occupational Health

Do employers have to follow occupational health recommendations?

Depending on the industry, some employers are required to abide by federal and state regulations and laws for workforce health and safety....

Category: Occupational Health