DISAMobile App

With the DISAMobile app, you get on-the-go, 24-7 access to the innovative employee compliance services you’ve come to expect from DISA. The Just Checking feature makes it easy to confirm an employee’s compliance status, all while offering you the peace of mind of three-level security clearance. And with many of DISA’s users working in the field, the time saved and convenience realized with remote access to these features is invaluable.


What if I am having trouble downloading or logging into the app?

To locate the app, go to the app store and search for DISA Global Solutions. You should be able to download the app from there. If you have download or login trouble, one of these common issues may be the cause:

  1. Out-of-date software may not support the app. Be sure you are running the most current software version for your iPhone or Android. You can check for software updates under Settings on your phone.
  2. Just like DISAWorks, only Designated Employer Representatives (DERs) are given access credentials to DISAMobile. If you are not a DER, you will not be allowed to access the DISAMobile app.
  3. You may have entered your login credentials incorrectly. Confirm your login information and reenter it carefully. If you still cannot log in, there may be a problem with your credentials, and you will need to contact support@disa.com for assistance.

What kind of security is built into the app?

DISAMobile was designed with multiple security layers. We have taken care to ensure that only assigned users (DERs) can access the app. Also, personally identifiable information (PII) is protected at all times.

  1. Users must log into the app using their unique login credentials, which are the same credentials used to login to DISAWorks.
  2. Only DERs associated with valid DISA client IDs are given unique login credentials.
  3. All PII is encrypted and the first five digits of employee social security numbers are masked.

What if I have another question not listed here?

For questions or assistance with the DISAMobile, please contact support@disa.com.

About DISA Global Solutions

Founded in 1986, DISA is the industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services. Headquartered in Houston, with more than 30 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, DISA’s comprehensive scope of services includes drug and alcohol testing, background screening, occupational health, and transportation compliance. DISA assists employers in making informed staffing decisions while building a culture of safety in their workplace.