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Most Recent Background Screening Questions

Are credit reports included in a background check?

State and local laws restrict when a credit report can be obtained for employment purposes.

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What information will be included in a verification?

The background screening company will contact verified previous employers to confirm dates of employment, job title, and reason for leaving.

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What kinds of criminal records show up on a background check?

Depending on the scope of the search allowable by law or requested by an employer, records of convictions of a felony or misdemeanor are usually reported on a background check.

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What is included in a background check?

Background checks often include criminal history, verification of previous employment and/or education, personal or professional reference and many other reports depending on the nature of the job.

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Why do employers conduct background checks?

Organizations owe it to themselves and their customers to research the background of potential employees and volunteers to ensure the safety of other employees, customers, and their property.

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How do I dispute SafetyNet Criminal jurisdiction search results?

If the background check was with DISA, you can dispute it here:

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When running background checks, how do I stay compliant?

​It’s important to have a clear and concise written policy, which remains consistent for all candidates who apply.

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What is the difference between comprehensive and instant background checks?

​Instant background checks are more commonly known as “national criminal database searches” and provide general information pulled from a commercially available database.

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