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Should I test based on state laws where my employee lives or where they work?

​The best method for determining an employer/employee’s employment rights is based upon a review of applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

If an employee uses medical marijuana, can they be terminated if they test positive for marijuana?

​Medical marijuana laws vary by state and it’s important that employers address the specific laws that pertain to their company and employees when creating a drug testing policy.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

Is CBD oil considered acceptable, and can it cause a drug test to have a positive result?

CBD oil can be made from both marijuana and hemp. Hemp-derived CBD oil (often referred to as low THC, high CBD oil) is legal in all 50 states while marijuana-derived CBD oil is not.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

What is the difference between comprehensive and instant background checks?

​Instant background checks are more commonly known as “national criminal database searches” and provide general information pulled from a commercially available database.

Question category: Background Screening

What is Adverse Action and when is it required?

​The adverse action process is required for any action taken that denies an individual employment, credit, insurance, etc. based on information obtained through a consumer report.

Question category: Background Screening

If states overturn previous marijuana convictions, how does it impact background checks?

With the legalization of marijuana across many states, cities such as San Francisco have implemented conviction expunging policies (Proposition 64) which remove misdemeanors and non-violent charges related to marijuana.

Question category: Background Screening