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What kind of log does a transportation vehicle have to provide for the Spotted Lanternfly?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), each vehicle should carry a log to track Spotted Lanternfly inspection or control measure activities and must keep those records for two years.

Question category: Transportation Compliance

Do spotted lantern fly requirements apply to fleets of service vans and other non-DOT regulated company vehicles?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, permits are required for all businesses and organizations who will be moving within or from the quarantine zone while working. More details ...

Question category: Transportation Compliance

When running background checks, how do I stay compliant?

​It’s important to have a clear and concise written policy, which remains consistent for all candidates who apply.

Question category: Background Screening

Does Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law have a safety-sensitive carve-out?

​Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law prohibits an employer from refusing to hire, discipline, or penalize an applicant or employee based solely on a marijuana-positive drug test.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

In Arizona can I fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana?

A recent case involving a major retail chain fired an Arizona employee for testing positive for marijuana despite the fact that they possessed a medical marijuana card.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

If states overturn previous marijuana convictions, how does it impact background checks?

With the legalization of marijuana across many states, cities such as San Francisco have implemented conviction expunging policies (Proposition 64) which remove misdemeanors and non-violent charges related to marijuana.

Question category: Background Screening

What is Adverse Action and when is it required?

The adverse action process is required for any action taken that denies an individual employment, credit, insurance, etc. based on information obtained through a consumer report.

Question category: Background Screening

What is the difference between comprehensive and instant background checks?

Instant background checks are more commonly known as “national criminal database searches” and provide general information pulled from a commercially available database.

Question category: Background Screening