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Who reports violations to the Clearinghouse?

Employers and Medical Review Officers (MROs) are both required to report drug and alcohol program violations in the Clearinghouse per § 382.705. Employers can hire a consortium/third-party administrat...

Category: DOT Compliance

Who is exempt from the FMCSA Clearinghouse?

According to the FMCSA, “Drivers who perform only FTA-regulated safety-sensitive functions are exempt from Part 382, including the Clearinghouse requirements, as are their employers. These drivers and...

Category: DOT Compliance

Do all trucking companies use Clearinghouse?

The Clearinghouse is required for all Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drivers operating Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) on public roads, as well as for their employers and service agents. Examples ...

Category: DOT Compliance

What is the FMCSA Clearinghouse for?

The FMCSA established the Clearinghouse rule to require mandatory use of the Clearinghouse for employers to report and collect information about a driver’s drug and alcohol history and violations. The...

Category: DOT Compliance

What is a pre-employment background check?

A pre-employment background check is a background check that is ran prior to finalizing a new hire. Pre-employment checks will help verify if the hire is right for the job and a good fit for the workp...

Category: Background Check

What is the best site to get criminal records?

DISA accesses a database that consists of more than 180 million criminal record files, which have been compiled from a variety of sources, including local law enforcement, statewide criminal record re...

Category: Background Check

Do online background checks really work?

A growing trend with the employment screening industry is the use of commercially compiled databases, also known as instant background checks or “national criminal database searches.” These types of c...

Category: Background Check

What is the most common background check?

Pre-employment background checks are the most common. As an employer, you want to ensure a safe hire every time to protect your company’s reputation and workplace safety. Employees are often screened ...

Category: Background Check