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Can DISA report to the Clearinghouse for me?

Question category: Transportation Compliance

How can an employer apply for the FMCSA Under-21 Non-Military Pilot Program?

Currently, 49 states and the District of Columbia already allow 18 to 20-year-old CDL holders to operate CMVs in intrastate commerce.

Question category: Transportation Compliance

Is it required that drivers have Spotted Lanternfly permits for trash trucks that do not leave the quarantine area in Philadelphia, PA?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, permits are required for all businesses and organizations who will be moving within or from the quarantine zone while working.

Question category: Transportation Compliance

On a hair test and oral fluid panel/test certificates, does CBD fall under cannabinoids?

YES – Currently, CBD is not listed as an independent substance on any testing panel.

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing

Do different testing policies for different clients have different saturation levels as a threshold for positive vs. negative tests?

YES - All drug testing policies have a testing “panel.”

Question category: Drug and Alcohol Testing