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We've answered several common questions we get from our customers below.

Where are my drug test results?

All drug tests will typically report within 24-72 hours once received at the lab. You can log in to DISA360 to review results once reported.

How can I add a new user or make changes to my account?

Any account updates must be made via email to tustin.service@disa.com.

Where can I send the completed custody control form(s) and/or breath alcohol test(s) I received?

Email them to Tustin.CCFcc@disa.com or fax them to 714-731-5569. We will link all documents to the employee’s record in compliance with DOT record-keeping requirements.

I received an invoice from a collection site or clinic for a service ordered through DISA360. Do I pay it?

No, please forward the invoice to DISA_Tustin_AP@disa.com. DISA will pay the clinic directly as you may have already been invoiced for the collection/clinic fee.

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