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DISA's Contractor Consortium

About the DISA Contractor Consortium (DCC)

The DISA Contractor Consortiumis a specialized program that manages workplace safety requirements which vary across owners, safety councils, and regulatory agencies. With 25,000+ participating companies, the DCC is the largest, most diversified contractor compliance program of its kind. DISA will administer the contractor screening program at no cost to the owner while also eliminating the logistics of managing a safety program.

Owners that standardize their screening requirements with DISA ensure that contracted employees meet safety requirements while avoiding being over-tested. Instead of being in random testing pools for each site’s separate policy, contractors are compliant by participating in one nationally standardized random pool. This keeps individuals on-site more often, while still ensuring compliance.

Additionally, site safety increases by participating in the DCC. The DCC assists owners with checking a contractor’s status before giving them site access. If a contractor tests positive, he immediately loses access to all participating owner sites instead of just one site. DISA has multiple auditing options, including direct integrations. DISA also provides flat files for owners to access contractor statuses with their badging/portal processes.

Benefits to owners include:

  • Simple Contractor Red/Green Status
  • Alleviate Administrative Burden
  • Prevents Job Hopping
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Better transparency and contractor tracking
  • Customizable testing/background protocol
  • Quicker verification process
  • Company/employee auditing and tracking
  • Insulates facilities from legal challenges
  • Access to the largest vetted safety-sensitive contractor pool in the nation

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