The DISA Difference

DISA goes beyond simply offering screening and compliance services. We arm you with information, raise the bar for industry standards, and offer you access to a network of information that will streamline your hiring and compliance management.

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Elevated Standards

By setting our standards higher than industry requirements, ensuring a constant evolution of drug types and testing methodologies, and expanding our testing ranges whenever possible, we help our clients outpace their competition by eliminating potential issues before they adversely impact business.

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Advanced Science

Behind each of our services is the work of skilled data providers, like Psychemedics for industry-leading hair testing and CRL for urine-based drug and alcohol analysis. Their cutting-edge methodologies allow us to utilize innovations in technology and testing to make collecting and sharing information more efficient and effective.

Information Platform

DISA’s advanced screening processes yield industry-leading results. Our programs and services are administered through a web-based platform we call DISAWorks. Our clients use DISAWorks to initiate screens, track results, and monitor employee statuses. The stored information is easily sortable and searchable, enabling ease of use and quick results.

Consortium Access

Our consortium programs have redefined contractor compliance management. The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC) is the leading contractor management solution, utilizing innovative processes and systems like DISAWorks to manage and track compliance on both the company and employee level. The efficiencies realized through this proprietary process save time and money, eliminate job-hopping and reduce safety issues at our customers’ facilities and worksites.