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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered several common questions we get from our customers below.

How do I reset my username/password?

You can reset your D3 login here.

You can reset your MAPP login here.

If you need additional assistance please call and speak with a Client Services Coordinator or email

How do I register for MAPP?

To register to MAPP, you must be registered in D3. New drivers may be added to D3 by their admins. Once you are registered in D3, you may register to MAPP through either IOS, Android, or the web.

How do I set up a new production?

You may send an email to or reach out to 818-792-4135 and walk through the set-up process with a Client Services Coordinator

Where can I go to register for reasonable suspicion and/or entry level training?

Additional training courses are available for both DOT experts and drivers. Complete the form below to have a representative setup your training.

How do I send a recap to my MAPP driver?

There are two ways for a driver to receive a MAPPrecap. A hire date can be entered when initially adding a driver to the driver's status page, or you can also navigate to the recap tab (under the compliance section), change or enter the driver's hire date, and click the ‘add driver’ button. If the driver is registered with MAPP, a recap is automatically sent and pending in the driver's MAPP queue reflecting the hire date entered. Non-MAPP drivers may continue to utilize a paper recap. Paper recaps can be generated from the recap tab (under the compliance section).

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