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We've answered several common questions we get from our customers below.

Where can I find instructions if I get stuck or have a question on functionality?

Instructions for all modules and functions can be found in the DISA Fuel Tax Program help pages. Users will enjoy full access to detailed instructions on how trucks are automatically added to the system for GPS equipped accounts, how to manually add trucks for non-GPS equipped accounts or trucks, import supported and non-supported fuel card vendor fuel files, data entry for trips or fuel receipts, supported fuel types, and audit and review functionality to name a few of the most queried areas.

How do I ensure GPS coordinates are properly assigned to the correct truck in the DISA Fuel Tax System?

GPS positions will be assigned to the truck number as it is reflected in the third party GPS system. It is important that the user properly assign trucks to the correct GPS devices in the 3rd party GPS systems portal to ensure GPS data gets assigned to the correct truck when entering the DISA Fuel Tax Online system.

Does the DISA system automatically file IFTA and Mileage Tax returns on my behalf?

No, the user is responsible for using the reports from the DISA Fuel Tax Online system to file with their filing jurisdiction by the deadline.

Do I have to update my own tax rates?

No, the DISA Fuel Tax Online system automatically updates tax rates as soon as they are made available to the public.

Does DISA support me in an audit?

DISA does provide audit support. Check with your DISA representative to see if audit support is included in your monthly subscription.

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