How Do I Use Online Bill Pay?

After logging in to DISAWorks, hover over the receipt icon and select the “Pay Invoice Online” menu-option. The system will redirect you to the Open Invoices page.

All unpaid invoices will be displayed along with any credit memos and/or unused cash. You can pay one invoice or multiple invoices at one time by checking the “Pay in Full” checkbox or entering an amount in the “Payment Amount” text box.

(If you use the Payment Amount checkbox and enter an amount less than the full amount you will be asked to provide a short pay reason from a drop-down menu as well as provide additional details in the Additional Short Pay Reason textbox. On the Payment Details page)

Once all information is confirmed on the Payment Details page select “Continue”. On the Payment Confirmation page, you can select a stored card, if you have saved a card on file or you can enter credit card information for a one-time payment transaction and select “Pay Now”. This will be a secure transaction. You will be able to print a payment receipt for your records at this time.