The Top 5 Most Important Things to Know About Drug Testing

In the early days of drug testing there was a saying that became the standard by which virtually all employers and providers lived by: “If you’re going to conduct drug testing, do it right or don’t do it all.” Today that standard still exists and has, perhaps, never been more important. Drug testing is still necessary, but the legalization of marijuana and other drugs in many states means employers must conduct drug testing the right way to ensure that their program is both effective and legally defensible. But what makes a drug testing program effective and legally defensible? How can employers ensure that they are conducting drug testing the “right” way?

Join DISA Global Solutions for a timely and important webinar presentation entitled “The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Drug Testing.” Industry expert Bill Current of the Current Consulting Group will describe the essential components of an effective program, explain why they are important, and offer practical advice on how to maintain a legally defensible policy by conducting drug testing the right way.