Annual Policy Fee Breakdown

Drug Testing Program Costs:

  • Annual Maintenance Fee: $295 (Additional Policies are $195)

Included Services

Technology Investments:

  • Information Security Management
  • Partner/Vendor Business-to-Business Integrations (Lab Accounts, ATS Systems, Collection Sites)
  • High-Availability Infrastructure and Enterprise Data Management Systems
  • Modern Distributed Online Access and Reporting Platform (DISAWorksTM)
  • Workflow Automation (ECCF)
  • Account Set Up (Unlimited Locations and Unlimited Communicators)


  • Computer Generated Random Selections
  • Record
  • Management Support of Testing Activity for Third-Party Audits and DOT (MIS) Reports
  • Notification of General Federal DOT Updates
  • Compliance Focused Customer Support


  • Initial and Ongoing Communicator/DER Training to Utilize DISAWorks™
  • 24/7 System Navigation Support via WalkMe

Collection Site:

  • Collection Site Selection & Administration
  • Manage Collection Site Protocol


  • Necessary Collection Supplies
  • Drug Test Forms (CCFs) (Ground shipping only)
  • Transportation of Specimen to the Laboratory


  • Specimen Adulteration Testing
  • Specimen Analysis in a DHHS/CAP Certified Laboratory
  • DHHS/CAP Certified Laboratory GC/MS Confirmations
  • Storage and Documentation of Positive Specimens
  • Online Access and Reporting Using DISAWorks™
  • SAP Referrals Services
  • Manage Follow-Up Programs
  • # of ECCF Enabled Sites

Medical Review:

  • Medical Review of Test Results (MRO)
  • Client Specific Protocols

24 Hour Services
Manage your drug testing program easily and securely online with:

  • Test Results, History of Testing, and Employee Rosters
  • Access to DOT and Non-DOT Policy Templates
  • Employee Drug Testing History
  • Online Test Results
  • Managing Personnel Lists for Updates
  • National Collection Site Database
  • Updated Information on Federal and State Regulations
  • Electronic (ECCF) Paperless Workflows for DOT and Non-DOT Programs
    • Provides the Fastest and Most Accurate Results