DISA Celebrates 32 Years of Excellence

DISA Global Solutions is celebrating 32 years of excellence as an industry leader, innovative employee screening TPA, and transportation compliance company. Overtime, DISA has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the drug & alcohol testing industry, providing customers with comprehensive services and compliance solutions that keep their workplace safer.

Most importantly the DISA brand is truly defined by our employees. Our success as an industry leader is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. Growing from an average of 40 employees during the early years of DISA, to almost 700 employees today, the team continues to evolve into an all-encompassing employee screening and transportation compliance company. We’re also appreciative of our loyal customers and we’re thankful to have them be a part of this incredible journey.

“Without the professionals who helped build DISA up over the past 32 years, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. With a growing team of industry leading experts, keen focus on delivering best in class service, advancements to our unique and proprietary database, expanded scope of service offerings, and regular cadence of strategic acquisitions there has never been a more exciting time for DISA. I’m proud to be a part of DISA and I’m excited about our future.”– John Peterson, President and CEO of DISA Global Solutions.

The employee screening industry has changed and evolved over the past several decades, but DISA has remained steadfast and hyper focused on our goal of providing customers with superior solutions that allow them to mitigate risk. Throughout our history, DISA’s experience and expertise has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our customers that others simply can’t match.

As DISA celebrates our 32nd birthday, we want to take a quick tour through the origins of DISA and revisit the events that helped build us to where we are today.

In 1986, DISA was born and had a focus on corporate drug testing programs. DISA continued to focus exclusively on corporate drug testing programs until 1989 when the DOT required federally mandated drug testing. This set a benchmark for employers and gave DISA the ability to help employers mimic the requirements set forth by the government.

Six years later in 1992, DISA created our most influential innovation with the DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC). As our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Colin Woods, likes to say, this is “DISA’s Secret Sauce.” The DCC was revolutionary as the first standardized policy that allowed safety-sensitive sites to track compliance on both a company and employee level, and to this very day, the DCC continues to set DISA apart from our competitors.

In 2002, DISA expanded service offerings by adding background screening, as the perfect value-add to our drug & alcohol testing services. DISA also streamlined the background ordering process by developing a background check portal by 2003. As background checks began to grow into a major part of DISA’s service offerings, we replicated the drug testing consortium for background checks in 2006. With this, DISA created the industry’s first background grading scale and developed IT functionality for an employee screening program that continues to be used by many of our customers today.

In 2008, DISA created the DCC hair testing program as an addition to urinalysis rather than replacing it. By combining methodologies together in a single package, employers get all the pros of each methodology, while eliminating most cons. DISA’s core customer base has a primary focus on safety and security and adopting a combined testing package that makes facilities safer was an easy choice for customers. 2008 also brought about our first acquisition with Drug Screens Etc., which at the time was one of our largest collection site providers. This acquisition led DISA to add another new value-add service line with occupational health screenings. This first acquisition has continued to be beneficial for our customers, and as a result, acquisitions remain a key driver of DISA’s growth today.

Working closely with our preferred vendor partners and customers, DISA is able to better understand employer needs. This often leads to new programs for employee screening and compliance solutions being developed at their request, and before a new trend becomes a major problem. When you turn on the news today, the opioid epidemic dominates headlines everywhere, but in 2010 DISA was years ahead of the opioid epidemic by offering employers an expanded opiate panel. Today, government regulations have begun to evolve and change to account for the opioid epidemic, and 8 years later, testing for expanded opioids has become the standard. Another great example of DISA’s forward-thinking is the addition of synthetic (synthetic THC and bath salts) testing in 2012.

As demand in the transportation compliance space grew, DISA responded with its driver qualification file services launched in 2012. Then in 2013, we expanded our offerings yet again into IFTA (fuel tax), Hours of Service safety compliance, fuel tax refunds, licensing and permitting, and registration services through our acquisition of Operating Tax Systems (OTS) in Stow, OH, which is now the DISA Transportation Compliance group. Now with acquisitions in Canada, we can provide Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Advance Commercial Information (ACI) cross-border shipping services. Any U.S. or Canada customer can rely on DISA to be a full-service provider, from recruiting and onboarding of drivers and employees, to complying with tax, hours of service, licensing, permitting, and cross-Canadian border shipping.

In 2015, DISA added an 11-panel oral fluid testing consortium, further expanding employers’ options. DISA still remains the only Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that has an oral fluid contractor’s consortium, and we are continually paving the way in the industry.

In July 2016, DISA changed leadership and welcomed John Peterson onboard as President and CEO. John brings more than 25 years of employee screening industry expertise to DISA, as well as a vision for how we can best support our customer’s needs, now and in the future. Peterson’s experience includes a vast knowledge of third-party administrators (TPA), medical review officers (MRO), occupational health services, background screening, and certified forensic and clinical laboratory testing.

Since the beginning of 2017, DISA has also strategically acquired 12 companies. Every day, DISA looks for opportunities to continually improve our service offerings, add new supporting solutions, and provide customers with the best information available.

These acquisitions have supported those goals by:

  • Quickly expanding and establishing our market presence
  • Adding industry leading experts and experienced personnel to our team
  • Increasing our geographic reach across the US and into Canada
  • Creating new products and service lines for our customers
  • Acquiring unique and innovative technologies, that help us drive industry evolution

From its first days, DISA has always had a drive for innovation and technology enabled solutions that continue to help tackle employers and employee challenges to this day. Together with a very talented team of industry professionals, DISA has grown to become an all-encompassing solution to your employment screening and compliance needs.

We asked a few of our more tenured employees what it’s been like to be a part of the DISA journey.

“Being a part of DISA these past 11 years has been very exciting. The company has grown substantially, adding new products, new jobs, and new opportunities. I’m extremely grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this journey and grow with DISA.” – Daniela Curtusan, Distribution Supervisor, DISA employee for 11 years

“I started with DISA in 2005 when it was just another TPA. It’s safe to say we’re now an industry leader. That’s exciting. Every day, my team and I are contributing towards DISA taking the next step!” – Brendon Brown, VP of Client Relations, DISA Employee for 13 years

“Watching DISA grow to become the industry leader in safety-sensitive industries with our Contractor Consortiums has been lots of fun. To go from the small guy to the big guy is a heck of a journey and a lot of hard work, but for DISA it’s paid off!” – Colin Woods, VP of Sales and Marketing, DISA employee for 16 years

If you would like more information about DISA’s history or service solutions call 1-800-752-6432 or email For more than 30 years, DISA has been a provider of workplace safety and compliance services. DISA helps companies make more informed staffing decisions by offering a broad array of industry-leading methodologies to make employee screening faster and more accurate.