Creating a Clearinghouse Query

Option 1: Self-Service - How to Create a Query on the Clearinghouse FMCSA Website - FMCSA Link

  • Pricing per query - $1.25 FMCSA Link
  • Validate the driver’s profile information: First and Last Name; DOB; Driver’s License Number and State. These are required fields and must be correct when running a clearinghouse query.
    • Full Query - Once the authorization form is created in DISA360 for the pre-employment test, if you would like the DISA team to run a query on your behalf, please follow the below steps
    • Limited Query - These are ran yearly on drivers, if you would like DISA to run these on your behalf please follow the below steps

Option 2: DISA Service - How to Order a Query on the DISA360 Website - DISA360 Link

  • Create a Clearinghouse login or log in if you already have one.
  • You must pre-pay the query for $1.25 before DISA can run the Query.
  • Assign your DISA location as your C/TPA in Clearinghouse. Choose the TPA name: DISA360
  • DISA’s Pricing per query $15.00
    • Note: Enterprise pricing is available.
  • Did you know, DISA’s DQ package includes Clearinghouse queries? Ask us for more information about our Driver Qualification package by emailing
  • Once you assign the correct C/TPA and pre-pay for the query in Clearinghouse, follow these steps to order Clearinghouse queries in DISA360:

1. Open the drivers Employee Detail page in DISA360 and click Order Services on the top of the page

Order Query1

2. Determine which type of query you need to run on the driver, if you require additional context please call in for a description

Order Query2

3. Acknowledge the below, please contact DISA with any specific questions

Order Query3

4. Click ‘Create Service Order’

Order Query4
  • DISA does have the option to automatically run the limited query one year after the previous limited or full query. Placing the order for the full query prior to the donor entering the pool will automate these queries so your company does not have to manually order them.
  • DISA will reach out to the client if additional information is needed.