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DYK ACE/ACI eManifest

Did you know that DISA provides ACE and ACI eManifest services?

DISA’s complete fleet management options help carriers remain compliant and safe. Our accurate, reliable, and on-demand reporting allows carriers to concentrate on operational performance while knowing they are taking all required steps in avoiding costly fines, penalties, and negative ratings, due to poor record-keeping.

What is ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) eManifest?

ACE eManifest filing is the US Custom's goal of paperless trade in an environment of enhanced border security. Every commercial vehicle that approaches the US border must provide US Customs prior notification of their arrival. With the implementation of ACE, the information is transferred to the carrier to notify US Customs prior to the arrival to the port of entry electronically. DISA provides a full-service, ACE eManifest solution for all carriers, including faxing to your customs broker and obtaining entry numbers.

What is ACI (Advance Commercial Information)?

The ACI eManifest is Canada’s version of the ACE eManifest filing. Carriers must have their own generic Carrier Code to transport goods into Canada or risk fines. Rather than waiting until the last minute to register with the requirements, DISA can help you avoid being held up at the border and being assessed with hefty fines.

What Other Services Are Offered?

DISA's Transportation Compliance team (DTC) helps carriers collect, manage, and maintain data for better, faster, and smarter fleet management and reporting that meets DOT regulations. In addition to ACE/ACI eManifesting, DISA also offers a robust list of fleet management and reporting services, including:

  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Weight Distance Tax Reporting
  • Owner Operator/Broker Settlements
  • Tax Refund Services
  • Licensing and Permitting
  • Operating Authority Setups, Registrations, and Renewals
  • Hours of Service Log Auditing (E-Log and Paper Log)

We have the reporting expertise and innovative technology to deliver prompt and accurate information, on-demand reporting, and auditing solutions for companies of any size. By utilizing our ACE/ACI eManifest and fleet management and reporting services, carriers can ensure complete DOT compliance.

For more information on our transportation services, contact us today.