Did you know that DISA offers Occupational Medical Record Tracking (OMRT)?

Using our specially designed Occupational Medical Records Tracking (OMRT) program within DISAWorks, DISA helps you coordinate the entire screening process. DISA uses thousands of clinics nationwide to provide our clients with the most convenient and cost-effective services available. With our innovative scheduling tools, clients can conduct preventative health and wellness screens anywhere in the country, quickly and easily. Our features go beyond the norm and include benefits such as:

  • Negotiated Rates – Easy and inexpensive. No redundant examination reviews. The system is self-service and automatic.
  • Clinic Network – DISA has the most comprehensive clinic network, offering diverse services for the industrial client market.
  • Checks and Balances – The system automatically prevents items from being paid unless specifically ordered.
  • One-Stop Shop – A wide variety of services needed by clients and consolidated billing, nationwide.
  • Automatic Renewal Notifications – Email reminders sent one month prior to expiration for DOT physicals, audiograms, or respirator fit tests.
  • User-friendly Dashboard – Quick and easy access to all recorded services needed by the employee and employer.
  • Automatic Inclusion – Reducing duplicate efforts by automatically adding DOT physicals to Driver Qualification files.

Who Uses OMRT Services?

Not sure if OMRT is necessary for your company? Our OMRT products and services cover a wide range of industries and their specific needs, including companies with:

  • Domestic and/or international operations
  • DOT FMCSA Covered Job Functions
    • DOT Physicals
  • Contractors for pre-employment and/or annual occ. health testing requirements due to:
    • Job function
    • Jobsite access

Additionally, OMRT helps companies that want automatic updates for medical certificates and background checks, need compliance assistance, or prefer consolidated services and invoicing.

By utilizing DISA’s OMRT services, you can save time and ensure you meet compliance standards. For more information on our OMRT services, contact us today!