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DYK Corporate Drug Testing

Did you know that DISA provides corporate drug testing services?

1 out of every 29 corporate employees is failing their random drug tests in 2021. DISA can customize your drug program to meet organizational needs, from managing policies with multiple testing methodologies and expanded drug panels to cutting-edge technology and best-in-business practices. Whether that's incorporating a 5-panel hair policy with a 10-panel urinalysis drug screen, DISA will take your drug testing program to the next level, regardless of your industry or unique requirements.

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  • Complete Chain of Custody Management
  • Expert Laboratory Analysis
  • Online Scheduling, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Electronic Ordering Capabilities (eccf)
  • Extensive Collection Site Network
  • Random Pool Management
  • Compliance and Audit Assistance
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Policy Assistance and Management

Our professionals can help you customize a corporate drug testing program that can improve your workplace safety. Using innovative technology, DISA delivers employee information quickly and accurately, helping employers hire the highest caliber of candidates for the job and manage their business more effectively.


  • Urine Testing
  • Hair Testing
  • Oral Fluid Testing
  • Alcohol Testing

Types of Testing:

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • 24/7 Post-Accident Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Return-To-Duty and Follow-Up Screening
  • On-Site Testing
  • Wall-to-wall testing
Drug Testing Types Horizontal

By utilizing our robust and innovative drug testing solutions, employers can ensure a safe and secure work environment. For more information on DISA’s corporate drug testing services, contact us today: