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Did you know that DISA provides Entertainment Compliance Solutions?

DISA’S Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) offers specific products and services catering to the motion picture entertainment industry, including Driver Qualification (DQ), drug and alcohol testing, Previous Employment Investigation (PEI) management, and fleet management services. DECS was designed to help address the many growing concerns the entertainment industry faces with DOT compliance. Our scope of services is unique to the industry and streamlines the process for both drivers and production companies in the motion picture entertainment industry.

What is D3?

D3 is a web-based platform that partners can utilize to monitor compliance for a variety of services. It caters to the entertainment industry with accessibility and flexibility that allows employers to efficiently manage compliance during productions. D3 also conveniently features a chat option where the clients can communicate with our subject matter experts.

FLEET Services

DECS’ vehicle maintenance tracking system, called FLEET, stores and manages all of the documentation required for maintenance files for our partners, closing the DOT compliance gap by including vehicle assets all under one system for Designated Employee Representatives (DERs) to access. Additionally, FLEET creates assurance that all documentation is present and tracked in the event of an audit.

MAPP: DECS' Digital Approach

MAPP is a digital option simplifying the DOT compliance process for drivers in the entertainment industry, allowing drivers to log in and complete their driver qualification application (MAPPlication), qualification process, maintain their ongoing compliance, and access training. MAPP also conveniently features a chat option where drivers can communicate with our subject matter experts.

MAPP consists of four primary services:

  • MAPPlications – Allows drivers to electronically sign all required DOT documents, and upload photos of their driver's license, medical examiner’s certificate, and entry-level driver training certificate right from their mobile devices.
  • MAPPrecaps - Drivers can complete a 7-Day Recap in a matter of seconds and are presented with their own previous Hours of Service (HOS), eliminating errors and increasing compliance accuracy.
  • MAPPscan - Allows drivers to scan in their paper logs to their production, where their supervisor can either approve or reject in accordance with regulations and policies.
  • MAPPLogs – Allows drivers to create, edit, and certify their daily logs quickly and effortlessly directly from their mobile phones. No more tracking down paper logs from your drivers!

Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Agent

The EPN program is a California-mandated driver license monitoring program. It provides automatic updates on employees’ DL status, convictions, accidents, and any other negative activity. As an authorized agent, DECS works with the DMV to seamlessly manage a client’s pull program more effectively. Complying with state regulations is just a few clicks away!

By implementing DISA’s Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS), you can ensure safety remains a priority while meeting DOT regulations. For more information on our DECS services, contact us today!