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DYK Financial Investigative Services

Did you know that DISA has a Financial Investigative Services (FIS) division that provides in-depth background investigations on individuals and companies?

FIS conducts in-depth courthouse and database investigations that are customizable to meet the needs of both the client and their business. FIS Investigations extend beyond the initial areas of a client request. Through our preliminary investigations, we uncover information on where an individual has lived, current and prior business affiliations, and make additional search suggestions. Unlike traditional employment backgrounds, FIS background investigations can often go back 10 years, 20 years, or longer. FIS investigations extend past the employment screening world to cover a wide variety of industries, including real estate investment, private equity, hedge fund, and the financial industry to assist our clients in determining the creditworthiness of an individual from the investment perspective.

Our searches on companies identify corporate registrations both foreign and domestic, as well as if they are in good standing with the Secretary of State. We also identify mergers, revealing name changes on a company that could potentially impact a deal, along with their officers and directors that could have a liability stake. Through our investigations, we uncover if anything of a derogatory nature has been filed against them or their business. Typical services offered in the background investigative industry include:

  • Social Security / Address Verification
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional Licensing
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search

DISA’s FIS division offers even more on the county/state, federal, and nationwide database level, such as:

  • Civil Records Search
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Officer & Director Search
  • Sanctions
  • Regulatory Licensing and Violations
  • Media Search – Local & National Publications
  • Credit Report (Single Bureau / Triple Merge)

For a deeper or more descreet level of search, FIS can:

  • Investigate to determine other sources of income
  • Discreet investigations to determine other business interests and hobbies
  • Investigate for any business interests the subject may have under an assumed name or alter ego
  • Interview the subject, as well as any supplied references
  • Develop personal and business references not provided
  • Investigate unreported liabilities relative to the subject’s financial statement
  • Investigate to determine the validity and accuracy of the subject’s resume

Our objective is to ensure that you know what your risk is upfront. 

Our FIS investigations offer extensive research techniques which go beyond your standard background services. For more information on our FIS division, contact us today.