How does Online Bill Pay impact clients currently paying with a check?

If you are a client that has been mailing a check, you can continue to do so, or you can go online to pay. DISA Finance does not have to be notified of the payment method change.

Why didn’t a random test receive random credit?

There are several reasons random credit may not be applicable to a drug test result:

  • SSN might have been different than what we have in the system.
  • Driver’s license number may have been used instead of the SSN.
  • Employee may have tested on the wrong chain of custody (COC) or under the wrong policy.
  • Employee may have tested outside of the random program window.

How will your company be trained to operate the program?

Your company can sign-up for our in-depth webinar training offered by one of DISA’s professional trainers. In addition to this training your company can participate in:

  • One-on-One Webinar Training
  • DISA Refresher Course Training
  • Access to WalkMe (self-guided navigation tool within DISAWorks)
  • Access to Learn More Here Videos

How do participating contractor employees get into the DCC’s database?

Contractor employees must complete the EPCC membership application process and must be screened in accordance with the EPCC policy, as well as individual owner employee screening requirements (if any). Screening includes drug and alcohol testing and/or backgrounds screening as applicable.

Does NASAP apply for workers subject to DOT drug testing?

The employer needs to check with the facility representative to determine if the facility requires a NASAP test for employees covered by the DOT program. Some facilities require both tests while others accept the DOT test depending on the duties the worker will be performing at the site.

Who administers the NASAP program?

Experienced, highly qualified, independent Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) will manage the NASAP program. Third-Party Administrators will be audited annually.

How do I get setup with the Online Bill Pay option?

To pay an invoice online, you must have access to view invoices in DISAWorks. If you log on and do not see the receipt icon on your dashboard with the “Pay Invoice Online” menu-option, please send a request to to edit your account setup.

How do I order a DOT alcohol using eCCF?

DOT has not approved electronic alcohols. Two alternatives are to (1) send the donor with an authorization form requesting a DOT alcohol collection. (2) Call the collection site ahead and let them know that the employee needs a DOT alcohol collection. Make note that the collection site can use a generic DOT alcohol form if you are unable to send the donor with your client specific alcohol testing form.

Who can receive actual test results?

Only the DER/Communicator(s) for the contractor company who paid for the test may receive actual employee screening/test results. These results can also be given to the employee for whom the screen/test is conducted.

Who can work on the participating owner job sites?

Only employees who can demonstrate an “Active” or “Employed” status in the DCC can work on participating owner job sites. An Active or Employed status is achieved by complying with the EPCC and DOT policies, as well as individual owner employee screening requirements (if any). The EPCC only reports an employee’s status to participating owners.

Does the test history show when doing a NASAP look-up?

There are 2 different ways to do a NASAP look-up: through the TRMA online system or through the Contractor’s TPA website. Only “active” or “inactive” status will be displayed on the TRMA online system. When doing a NASAP look-up through the Contractor’s TPA website more information may be displayed including the test results, dates, “Authoritative TPA”, etc.

What is the purpose of the NASAP?

To provide a safe and substance-free contractor workforce while protecting employee rights and privacy. NASAP includes a process for rehabilitation and keeps individuals that test positive from moving between contractor companies without successfully completing an approved rehabilitation program.

The NASAP reduces the unnecessary testing redundancy that now exists for many contractors, thereby reducing the overall administrative costs for both owners and contractors. As the number of participating employees increases, pre-employment or pre-access testing will be greatly reduced. Additionally, contractors will have a choice of who administers the NASAP for them. Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) will have to earn the business and perform to keep it.

How does the online Bill Pay option benefit me?

If you are a communicator who is setup to have online access to DISAWorks, you can conveniently log in to view statements, open invoices, open credit memos, unapplied payments as well as pay invoices online with a credit card. A few things to note about the online bill pay option:

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover will be accepted.
  • Invoices are not available to be paid until two days after they have been created.

What happens to the alcohol after a donor takes the test at the clinic?

The proper protocol is for the collection site to email/fax a copy of the results to DISA’s forms department for processing.

What are the DER/Communicator responsibilities?

Some of the responsibilities of the DER/Communicator(s) include verifying employee applicants, enrolling employees in the program, receiving and disbursing random selection lists, receiving test results, and communicating with the Medical Review Officer (MRO). These individuals are responsible for communicating with DISA regarding all aspects of their company’s DCC program.

Who is a participating contractor?

A participating contractor is a contractor company who works on participating owner job sites and who has enrolled in the DCC to comply with an owner’s employee screening policy requirements.

Is the Global Release Form still valid if the employee changes employers and/or TPAs?

The Global Release form is good for 5 years. However, some the new TPA may require a new form be signed.

What is NASAP?

NASAP stands for The North American Substance Abuse Program. The database is maintained by the Houston Area Safety Council in conjunction with other approved Third-Party Administrators, TPAs.

Why is my employee not showing on my roster?

A DOT employee must be added to your roster via pre-employment test or DOT roster transfer. If neither has taken place, please send the employee for the DOT urine drug screen or submit the DOT transfer roster to DISA’s compliance department. A Non-DOT employee must be added to your roster via pre-employment/pre-access test or membership verification. If neither has taken place, please send the employee for the NON-DOT urine/alcohol drug screen or login to to process a membership verification.

Why did the test purpose change?

If you requested a pre-employment test and it changed to pre-access, the employee already held a status in the specific policy. Once an applicant has a status in DISA for a DCC policy, they no longer require pre-employment screens. If your company needs the test to reflect pre-employment our Client Support department can assist with updating it.