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Electronic Custody Control Forms (ECCF)


An eCCF is an electronic version of the traditional, five-part paper Custody and Control Form (CCF) – the document used for drug test ordering, specimen collection processing, and chain of custody documentation for workplace drug testing.

The eCCF functions the same way as a manual form but offers additional benefits to help improve the Chain of Custody process. The biggest difference: eCCFs speed up turnaround times by up to 25% and prevent common user errors associated with paper forms.


DISA’s collection site network has more than 1,900 eCCF capable collection facilities, and more than 95% of DISA’s DOT & Non-DOT customers have access to eCCF capable facilities near them. With eCCF, instead of manually filling out forms, users utilize a web-based, wizard-driven, walk-through guide to complete the required steps. As a result, collector and provider errors can be drastically reduced. This process also ensures best practices for each form, as well as a more secure distribution. In fact, our users have seen up to 25% improvement in turnaround times when utilizing eCCFs.

DISA utilizes FormFox to simplify the collection process, reduce paperwork, eliminate errors, and standardize forms.

Benefits of Utilizing eCCF Include:

  • Storage of eCCFs is automated, flexible, secure, and accessible
  • A higher quality process increases accuracy and reduces cost
  • A significant decrease in affidavits and errors
  • Improved result turnaround time as a result of electronic data availability
  • eCCFs eliminate the need for printing and shipping paper CCFs
  • Labs receive pre-accessioned data that expedites testing
  • Improved quality and accuracy
  • eCCFs are not subject to damage or harm
  • Don’t have to chase chains; electronically transmitted

Essential Trainings

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Step 2: Temperature Out of Range Simulation

Step 3: Adulterated Specimen Simulation

Step 4: Donor Unable to Provide Specimen Simulation

Step 5: How to Convert a Paper Chain Using FormFox – Simulation

Learn More about eCCFs

DISA ensures our clients have an easy and orderly transition by providing access to our customer support team for any questions along the way. In fact, there is very little you need to do to begin using the electronic version of the custody and control form.

Benefits of ECCF

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